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About Two-Brain Business 2.0
Chris brings a "big picture" perspective unmatched by anyone else in the industry. After thousands of hours spent one-on-one with gym owners, hundreds of blog posts and more interviews than he can recall, Chris shares his best lessons in the second edition of "Two-Brain Business." From Australia to Europe to North America, these are what Chris' clients--some of the best gyms in the world--are doing RIGHT.

This is the follow-up to Two-Brain Business, one of the most popular fitness business books of all time. But its content is all new, with fresh stories, smart ideas and proven tactics.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Joey went from living in his gym to 10 straight months of profitability and no split shifts. 
Ruth increased her gym’s revenue by 700% in 24 months.
Justin tripled his revenue in just twelve weeks.
Here's What You're Going To Learn:
  • The Entrepreneurial Road-map - Chris outlines the numerous paths we take on the road-map to running and owning a fitness business. From gym newbie to athlete to coach to expert to gym owner and beyond. He discusses the baby steps, the big leaps and the ultimate destination. 
  • Turning a Hobby into a Business - You have all heard it before, "what gets measured gets managed." Sure, that sounds great, but what do you actually measure, how do you manage it and what actions do you take once you have the info?  Chris goes over key performance indicators needed to guide your gym. 
  • Best Practices in the Best Gyms - Chris goes over the common characteristics from the most successful gyms in the world from surveying and working with 1000's of gyms. 
  • Value Stacking - How to plan and present your offerings to your clients to help them achieve better results, have a more complete experience at your gym and in the end, help your gym make (and keep) more money. 
  • INTRApreneurialism in Your Gym - How to create an environment of growth for your team, both personally and professionally. The more you can help your team reach their goals, the more they will help your gym thrive. Chris talks about little to no risk strategies that will bring in added revenue, help your clients more, and enable your staff to grow with your light, not die in your shadow. 
  • The Client Life Cycle - How to attract new members to your gym, how to nurture your prospects, how to establish yourself as the local expert, how to get prospects started with a No Sweat Introand how to ensure new clients become engrained in your community with a seamless process.
  • How to Stop Selling and to Start Assistant Buying - Selling doesn't have to be scary and sleazy. When you know your prospect better than they know themselves, when you are confident your gym can help solve their problems, and when you have a perfect offer, then the sly sales process moves to assistant buying. 
  • Benefits Based Programming vs Features Based Programming - Chris dives into the strategies that you can use to make your workouts for your athletes the best in town, that will make your clients smile, get them results and keep them coming back every single time for more. 
  • Solving the BIG Problems - Sure, on the entrepreneurial path you will make mistakes along the way and have takeaway lessons but you don't need to make the BIG mistakes if you don't need to. Learn from Chris' mistakes and from feedback from over 2000 coaching calls and counting. 
  • Asset Management - With owning and operating a gym, sometimes our assets can start to own us and everything we have becomes a liability - but it doesn't have to be that way if your plan it right. Chris shows you how to get your equipment, your building and your business to work FOR you and not AGAINST you. 
  • Turning Pro - How to Put it Altogether - Having all the info just doesn't cut it, you need to put your knowledge into action and take the steps needed to succeed in your fitness business. Chris helps you put it all together.
  • And a ton more. 
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